The CES has created a Credentialing Board (CES-CB), consisting of experts from our field - as recognized CES Fellows and National Award winners. The CES-CB is the decision making body for the Professional Designations Program. It considers the merits of a members' application for credentialed status, that is, to become officially credentialed as an evaluation professional, as recognized by the Canadian Evaluation Society.

CE decisions are made by Members of the CB, through an anonymous review of applications. Each application is reviewed by two CB Members and by a third Member if the decision of the first two reviewers is not the same. The decision of the CES-CB is communicated to the applicant through the CES President.

Decisions can be appealed by applicants within thirty days of notification. Applicants are encouraged to review and augment their application for the appeal process or pursue additional education or experiences so they may better meet the stated requirements. Appeals will undergo a further decision process with two reviewers and a third Member review where the decision of the first two is not the same. Decisions of this Appeals process will be final.