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All available Conference 2000 presentations are listed below. Our thanks to the presentators.
  Jennifer Birch-Jones and Gail Young, Integrating Performance Measurement and policy/program evaluation in Transport Canada

Benoît Gauthier, L'évaluation de la satisfaction de la clientèle, méthodes et limites

Dale Harley, Evaluating Communications
Keun-bok Kang, A Design of the Metaevaluation Model
Juha Oksanen, The contribution of evaluation information to decision-making
Jocelyne Pelletier and Richard Boudreau, Effets de l'intégration d'un intervenant social d'un centre local de services communautaires au service d'urgence d'un centre hospitalier
Mark Seasons, Evaluation and Urban Planning: Charting New Territory
Anne Sharp and Catherine Eddy, Softly, Softly Catch the Monkey: innovative methodologies to measure socially sensitive and complex issues in evaluation research
Anne Sharp and Erica Riebe, Being Able to Look Before You Leap: Using Probabilistic Scales to Predict Response to Government Payment Changes


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