Free CES Webinar – CJPE Book Club: Expanding the Role of Digital Photographs in Evaluation Practice: Documenting, Sense-Making, and Imagining

Presented by Leanne M Kallemeyn

WHEN:  January 30, 2019 from 12 pm to 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time

WHERE: CES webinars take place online using the GoToWebinar platform. You can check your computer's requirements here.

COST: Free




Slides for this webinar can be accessed by clicking here.

The CJPE Book Club:

The CJPE is pleased to launch its new book club, in collaboration with CES. The purpose of the book club is to explore recent CJPE publications through a web-based presentation by one of our authors, followed by a Q&A from participants. The authors will have the opportunity to share their work and any new updates since publication, and the participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, comments and questions with the author. What better way to explore ground breaking evaluation research and innovative practices?

Although it is not mandatory, participants are encouraged to consult the article on the menu prior to the meeting, in order to fully benefit from the exchanges. No worries if you have not had time to read the article, its author will present a short summary.

Here is the link to read the article for the next meeting.


Webinar focus:

Program stakeholders and evaluators routinely generate and share digital photographs.

Three frameworks for using photographs in evaluation practice are discussed: documenting social change, facilitating sense-making, and inspiring and imagining social change. These are rooted in scholarship from arts-informed inquiry and visual sociology and anthropology. Using these frameworks, a review of existing literature demonstrates an extensive use of photographs for documentation and a growing use of photographs for sense-making and inspiring and imagining social change in evaluation practice.

The webinar concludes with a case example of how an evaluation team used digital photographs in an evaluation of a teacher professional development program.

(CJPE Practice Note, Volume 33, Number 1, 2018)


Biography of presenter:

Dr. Leanne M. Kallemeyn is Associate Professor and Program Chair at the School of Education, Loyola University Chicago. Her program area is Research Methodology. Her research interests include: Qualitative Inquiry, Program Evaluation, Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry, Evaluating Early Childhood Programs, Evaluating K-12 Educational Programs and Evaluating Prevention/Intervention Programs for Underserved Populations. She is a member of the American Evaluation Association and American Educational Research Association.


Learning objectives/competencies:

This webinar aims to strengthen capacities in line with the following Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice:

1.1 Knows evaluation theories, models, methods and tools and stays informed about new thinking and best practices.
2.6 Uses appropriate evaluation methods.
2.7 Identifies data requirements, sources, sampling, and data collection tools.
2.8 Collects, analyzes and interprets data using appropriate methods.

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