Journal Objectives and Scope

The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation is published three times a year by the Canadian Evaluation Society (under the international standard serial number ISSN 0834-1516). The Journal seeks to promote the theory and practice of program evaluation in Canada by publishing:

  • Articles of up to 7,000 words (including references) on evaluation theory and practice, including innovative methodological approaches, standards of practice, strategies to enhance the implementation, reporting and use of evaluations. Articles reporting original empirical research on evaluation are of particular interest.
  • Research and Practice Notes of up to 3,000 words that present exemplars of innovative evaluation practice and cases.
  • Book Reviews of up to 1,000 words that provide a critique of authored and edited volumes of interest and relevance to the evaluation field.
  • Roots and Relations Section: Submissions to the Roots and Relations Section will vary according to its purpose and scope.

CJPE is an open access and bilingual journal, publishing in both English and French. Readership includes academics, practitioners and policymakers. CJPE attracts authors and readers internationally. CJPE news are published here and on our twitter feed: @cjpe_rcep


Editorial Team

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Jill Chouinard (bio), Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, [email protected]

Editorial Coordinator: Stéphanie Maltais (bio), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Ottawa, [email protected]

Associate Editor: Articles (English): Leslie Fierro (bio), McGill University, Max Bell School of Public Policy, [email protected]

Associate Editor:  Practice Notes (English): Jane Whynot (bio), Partner atGoss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) , [email protected]

Associate Editor: Articles and Practices Notes (French): Naïma Bentayeb (bio), École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP) and McGill University, Social Work School,  [email protected]

Associate Editor "Roots and Relations":  Larry Bremner (bio), MA, CE, President, Proactive Information Services Inc., [email protected]

Associate Editor "Roots and Relations": Nicole Bowman (bio) / Waapalaneexkweew (Lunaape/Mohican), University of WI-Madison and Bowman Performance Consulting, [email protected]

Associate Editor: Book Reviews: Tiffany Tovey (bio), Department of Educational Research Methodology, Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services, Greensboro, NC

Social Media Coordinator: Christine Vandenberghe



Editorial Board Members

Editorial Board Members  -  Institutional Affiliation


  • Acree, Jeremy - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Amo, Courtney  -  Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency
  • Aubry, Tim  -  University of Ottawa
  • Bourgeois, Isabelle - University of Ottawa
  • Boyce, Ayesha  -  University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Carter, Nancy - Evaluation Scientist
  • Cousins, Brad  -  University of Ottawa
  • Djissa, Gédéon Dosson - Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Earl, Sarah  -  YMCA GTA
  • Jacob, Steve  -  Université Laval
  • Kishchuk, Nathalie - Université de Montréal
  • Laeubli, Marlène  -  LAUCO Evaluation & Training
  • Lovato, Chris  -  University of British Columbia
  • McDavid, James  -  University of Victoria
  • Myers, Anita  -  University of Waterloo
  • Obrecht, Michael  -  Consulting
  • Perrin, Burt  -  Independent Consultant
  • Poth, Cheryl  -  University of Alberta
  • Rey, Lynda  -  École nationale d'administration publique
  • Richard, Lucie  -   Université de Montréal
  • Ridde, Valéry  -  Université de Montréal
  • Rist, Ray  -  The World Bank
  • Searle, Michelle - Queens University
  • Seasons, Mark  -  University of Waterloo
  • Schwartz, Robert  -  University of Toronto
  • Schröter, Daniela  -  Western Michigan University
  • Sellick, Sandra - Royal Roads University
  • Sridharan, Sanjeev  -  The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation