CJPE Book Club Webinars

RESCHEDULED to September 30th, 2020- Free CES Webinar – CJPE Book Club: Self-Evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership: Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Original Quebec French Tool to Canadian English

Webinar focus : This article presents the translation and cultural adaptation, into Canadian English, of the Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat, a tool widely used to support the practice of partnerships since its creation in French, in Quebec, in 2008. The theoretical foundations and properties of the original tool are presented, followed by a summary of methodological guidelines and a description of the process and results. The methodology involved an expert committee to formulate the English tool and verify its equivalence with the original, and a pretest with target users. Th is rigorous procedure ensures equivalence of the translated tool and its cultural adaptation to the intended users.

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Free CES Webinar – CJPE Book Club: Principles, Approaches, and Methods for Evaluation in Indigenous Contexts: A Grey Literature Scoping Review

The fifteen guiding principles, and the approaches, methods, tools, and frameworks identified through this review may be used as a starting point for evaluators and communities to initiate discussion about how to conduct their evaluation in their communities, and which approaches, methods, tools, or frameworks would be contextually appropriate.

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Free CES Webinar – CJPE Book Club: Où en sommes-nous avec l’implication des parties prenantes?

This paper focuses on stakeholders’ involvement in program evaluation and provides an overview of the current literature on this topic.

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