C'est pas grave, c'est rien que vos nerfs L'Évaluation d'un programme de prévention géré par le milieu

Authors :

Its just your nerves a prevention program based on information-sharing regarding women's use of minor tranquilizers and alcohol, is sponsored by Health and Welfare Canada. It is available both in English and in French («C'est pas grave, c'est rien que vos nerfs»). This latter version has been distributed to 144 agencies throughout Quebec and was subsequently evaluated a year later. A survey on utilisation patterns aimed at assessing implementation showed that the program was differently used (from extended use to no use) from one site to another and from one region to another. Context was determines in explaining variations in use. An impact evaluation confirmed the quality and appropriateness of the program, in particular when it is used within the context of a long term program and extended by follow-up activities. From this research, it appears that evaluation of the implementation can be helpful to monitor the development of innovative and milieu-based programs, specially with regard to diffusion and promotion, training and monitoring of expected and unexpected results.

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