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Free Workshop: Program Evaluation in Community Settings – Feb. 28th

Have you ever wondered:

1)     What program evaluation is?

2)     How can it help you improve the service delivery and impacts of your community programs?

3)     What resources are available to help you complete quality evaluations?

If you have, you’re not alone! Join local evaluators and community leaders on February 28th from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Station 20 West in Saskatoon to help explore these topics. We will also discuss how program evaluation can be applied in community settings and why it is an important endeavour for community organizations. The last portion of the session will feature a discussion on building an  evaluation strategy for a large multi-sector community initiative, namely the municipal strategy for the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (the kind host of this event).

Free snacks and coffee will be available all morning. Feel free to forward this email and bring whoever you think would be interested in this workshop!


Please contact us if you are planning on attending or if you have any questions for us.

Enquiries and Details: 306-361-5904.            Email: [email protected]                    Twitter: @Micheal_TwoBridges


CES-SK is proud to announce our spring workshop, Presenting Data Effectively, with Dr. Stephanie Evergreen on June 19th in Saskatoon, SK.

Dr. Stephanie Evergreen is an internationally-recognized data visualization and design expert. She has trained future data nerds worldwide through keynote presentations and workshops, for clients including Time, Adobe, Verizon, Head Start, American Institutes for Research, Rockefeller Foundation, Brookings Institute, and the United Nations. She writes a popular blog on data presentation at StephanieEvergreen.com. Her book, Effective Data Visualization, was published in Spring 2016. Her other book, Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact, was just published in its second edition in June 2017. Both books hit #1 on Amazon bestseller lists.
We are thrilled to offer Dr. Evergreen’s renowned workshop at a subsidized rate to our members and students as we are committed to building capacity in the evaluation sector in Saskatchewan.

For even better rates, register by March 30th.  


For details see the attached poster and/or to register go to:




Lunch and Learn

CES-SK is proud to announce our next Lunch and Learn Opportunity!


Title: Challenges in Evaluating Collective Impact Initiatives

Presenter: Nancy Carter


Date/Time: Feb 26 from 12 pm to 1 pm

REGISTRATION: Please go here to register:  https://evaluationcanada.ca/webinar-registration  

COST: Free for all CES members

Webinar focus:

A Collective Impact (CI) has proven a useful approach for guiding collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders to achieve a common goal. Frameworks for evaluating CI initiatives have been developed and are readily available; however, evaluators and other stakeholders are often faced with a variety of challenges in implementing evaluation of these complex programs. This webinar will discuss some of the challenges and share insights into how they might be addressed.

Biography of presenter:

Dr. Nancy Carter is the Director, REAL Evaluation Services at the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation. She has been awarded the professional designation of Credentialed Evaluator by the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). She is actively involved in evaluation both nationally and as a volunteer on CES working groups and provincially through her role as president of the Nova Scotia chapter of CES. Nancy's work provides guidance and advice to support evaluation across all sectors. She is particularly interested in evaluation of innovative and complex programs such as partnerships, networks and collaborative interventions.

Learning objectives:

Increase knowledge of evaluating Collective Impact initiatives

Increase knowledge of evaluation in complex settings

Increase knowledge of addressing barriers to evaluation

In addition, this webinar aims to strengthen capacities in line with the following Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice:

Technical Practice competencies

Understands the knowledge base of evaluation (theories, models, types, methods and tools)
Determines program evaluability
Situational Practice competencies

Respects the uniqueness of the site
Examines organizational, political, community and social contexts
Identifies impacted stakeholders
Identifies the interests of all stakeholders
Serves the information needs of intended users
Attends to issues of evaluation use
Attends to issues of organizational and environmental change
Management Practice competencies

Defines work parameters, plans and agreements
Attends to issues of evaluation feasibility
Identifies and mitigates problems / issues
If you have any questions please contact Vicky Van Massenhoven at [email protected]

Location: https://evaluationcanada.ca/webinar-registration