We are proud to call the following partners of the CES. Through collaboration and shared goals, we are working to grow and strengthen the field of evaluation together.

Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF)
Originally established by the CES in 1990, the CESEF aims to support Canadians seeking to increase their knowledge of program evaluation through the provision of educational awards and scholarships. In 2006, the CESEF became an independent Canadian Charity. The organization continues to maintain a close partnership with the CES today, as well as with the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education.

Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education (CUEE)
Established in 2008, the CUEE was formed to increase access to graduate-level educational opportunities for evaluation students and professionals throughout Canada. Additionally, the Consortium aims to ensure educational and training opportunities are available to those seeking to obtain the Credentialed Evaluator designation. The CUEE is a partnership made up of Canadian Universities, government and the CES.

Canadian Government Executive (CGE) Magazine
In circulation since 1995, the CGE reaches over 60,000 public sector managers and decision-makers across Canada. Public sector leaders contribute content relating to topics including deliverology, audit, design, innovations, leadership, and program evaluation. Since 2015, CES members have become a regular contributors to the magazine, allowing the society to promote the field of evaluation and raise awareness around current evaluation issues.

Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (JSCEE)
The JSCEE is made up of organizations from throughout North America who support evaluation. Since 1975, the committee has published three separate Standards documents regarding evaluation which have become integral to the field. As one of the contributing members, the CES upholds and endorses the standards developed by the JSCEE.

The CES welcomes new partners and collaborative opportunities. Get in touch with our Manager of Operations and Member Services, if you think CES might be a good match for your organization or project.