Board and Secretariat

CES President [2018-2020]

Sarah Farina MA, CE
[email protected]
Location: Vancouver, BC

Sarah Farina is the founder of Broadleaf Consulting, where she leads planning processes, creates evaluation frameworks, and conducts evaluations, primarily in health and community development.   Sarah brings over 18 years of experience in planning, evaluation and governance with organizations across Canada and around the world.

Sarah is driven by her passion for inclusive and authentic approaches to build better communities and systems.  She is an adaptive leader and a skilled facilitator who uses collaborative approaches to help non-profit organizations, government and funders turn their aspirations into reality.  Sarah’s breadth of experience - which includes community development in over 30 countries, as well as assessing and monitoring sustainable livelihoods projects for the Government of Canada – positions her well to develop creative and responsive solutions.   

Sarah is a regular presenter and trainer on topics related to planning, evaluation and governance, in Canada and internationally. She has contributed to her community as Board Director and mentor with non-profit organizations.  She is fluent in English and French.  Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Planning, and she is a Credentialed Evaluator and Registered Professional Planner.  Sarah serves as President of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), Past President of the BC & Yukon chapter of CES and served as Co-Chair of the 2017 CES conference. 

CES Vice President

Christopher Cameron BA, MA, CE
[email protected]
Chair, CES Professional Designations Program
Chair, CES Credentialing Board
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Christopher Cameron possesses 20 years of experience and extensive skill in terms of evaluation and performance measurement.  Christopher is a Credentialed Evaluator (CE) and has led well over 150 evaluation and performance measurement projects.  Christopher has taught evaluation and performance measurement at the university level and has facilitated numerous training sessions for professionals interested in carrying out projects of this nature.  Christopher is also a certified change management practitioner with experience leading complex change management initiatives in large organizations.  Christopher possesses in depth knowledge of the best practices in change management and is skilled in the application of change management methodologies, assessments, and tools.  Christopher is recognized for his skill facilitating collaborative efforts between stakeholders in multiple sectors has a proven track record of delivering organizations high quality results that meet their unique needs.

CES Treasurer [2019-2021]

Doaa Saddek BA, MA, MPhil (Cantab), PhD
[email protected]
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Doaa Saddek has 20 years of professional experience in program evaluation and policy and socioeconomic research through a broad involvement with the non-profit sector, international and governmental organizations in Canada and abroad.  As an economist, she evaluated programs under several economic sectors, such as health, education, youth employment programs, among others. Doaa is currently a team lead of evaluation at the Federal Government. She served as the National representative of the CES-National Capital and Nunavut Chapter (NCC) from 2016 to 2019 and as the NCC Treasurer from 2018-2019. She has been on the CES National Board since 2016 and has served in various capacities, as a Chair of the Professional Learning Committee and a member of the Strategic Planning Working Group, among other roles.  As a passionate evaluator, Doaa’s long term objective is to actively promote and support the establishment of a rigorous evaluation function within government and service delivery organizations in Canada and to foster the training of emerging Canadian evaluators.

CES Secretary [2018-2020]

Diana Tindall BA, MA, CE
[email protected]
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Diana has been conducting research on public sector programs and their performance for the past twenty-five years. Her project experience includes evaluations of education and labor market programs, Aboriginal (First Nations) programs in Canada, business/industry development programs, community/municipal services and health promotion programs. These evaluations helped organizations strategically realign activities to more effectively achieve on objectives, fine tune existing processes for better delivery and demonstrate to stakeholders the value of initiatives. She has direct experience with the mixed methods used to prepare and implement both program evaluation and performance measurement studies. Diana is a Credentialed Evaluator as determined by the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Professional Designation Program. She recently became an Evaluator with the Rick Hansen Institute.

CES Past-President [2018-2020]

Harry Cummings BA, MA, PhD, CE
[email protected]
Location: Guelph, Ontario

Harry is the Director of HCA. He has supervised over 120 graduate students and teaches graduate courses in Regional Economics, Program Evaluation, Community Economic Development and Research Methods, He is an active community member and has served on the boards of many community organizations. Harry is fluent in French and Indonesian.

CES Chair, Communications & Marketing Committee [2018-2020]

Krista Brower M.Ed, CE
[email protected]
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Krista Brower is a credentialed evaluator with over ten years’ experience in a variety of research and evaluation settings. She is currently the Manager of Evaluation with the Alberta Medical Association and consults on independent contracts related to her areas of expertise. She holds a Master of Education in Educational Psychology (Measurement, Evaluation and Cognition); as well as a Graduate Certificate in Community-Based Research and Evaluation. Krista has extensive experience related to evaluation in the non-profit, health and social services sectors. In particular, she utilizes innovative approaches to evaluation to facilitate change and guide evidence-based decision making in complex environments. She is a certified ARECCI (A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative) Second Opinion Reviewer and facilitator, and is certified in both project and change management paradigms.

CES Chair, Professional Learning Committee

Nancy Carter BA, MASP, PhD, CE
[email protected]
Board Representative for CES Nova Scotia
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nancy has been a CES member for 17 years and is a Credential Evaluator and Director of REAL Evaluation Services at Research Nova Scotia. Through her work Nancy provides leadership and advice to initiate, support, catalyze and sustain evaluation initiatives while building capacity for, and strengthening the culture of, evaluation in Nova Scotia. She holds a PhD in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management and is especially interested in the design and implementation of evaluation for collaborative and complex initiatives.

CES Co-Chairs, Governance & Process Committee

Susan Hollett, BA, MA, CE
Board Representative for CES-Newfoundland and Labrador

Alaina L. Roach O'Keefe, BSc., BEd, MAHSR, PhD
Board Representative for CES-Prince Edward Island

Contact Email: [email protected]

Director, eInstitute [2017-]

Marla Steinberg PhD, CE
Location: British Columbia

Marla Steinberg is a professional evaluator living and working in Vancouver British Columbia.  For over twenty-five years she has been helping funders, foundations, governments, organizations and practitioners measure their impact and find ways to improve their programming.  She works primarily in the health and social service sectors and is an adjunct professor at the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia.  She has developed and taught numerous university level and professional development courses on evaluation and currently teaches evaluation online through the Population Health Data Analysis Certificate Program at the University of Victoria.  

Manager of National Operations and Member Services

Scott Kettles, DBAC
[email protected]
Location: Grimsby, ON

Scott Kettles joins CES with 17 years of experience as an Association Management Professional. He has worked with diverse organizations such as the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association. Scott brings extensive experience supporting Professional Associations in overall management, member relations, donor relations, events and professional development.

Scott’s contracted role as a Manager is to support CES in carrying out its organizational mission and vision by managing operations and member services, supporting the implementation of the strategic plan, managing contracts, coordinating IT resources, and supporting Chapters in collaborating to build and serve the evaluation community.


Krista Brower M.Ed, CE
Board Representative for CES-Alberta and Northwest Territories [2017-2019]

Diana Tindall, BA, MPA, CE
Board Representative for CES-British Columbia [2017-2019]

Samantha Neufeld, B.A.
Board Representative for CES-Manitoba [to November 2019]

Brenda Stead, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.(Ed. Psyc), CC, LCT, CE
Board Representative for CES-New Brunswick [to March 2020]

Susan Hollett, BA, MA, CE
Board Representative for CES-Newfoundland and Labrador [2017-2020]

Nancy Carter BA, MASP, PhD, CE
Board Representative for CES Nova Scotia [2017-2020]

Patricia King, BA, MA, CE
Board Representative for CES-Ontario [2017-2020]

Alaina L. Roach O'Keefe, BSc., BEd, MAHSR, PhD
Board Representative for CES-Prince Edward Island [2018-2020]

Sherri Bisset, MScHNS, MHSc, DPH, CE
Board Representative for La société québécoise d'évaluation de programme (SQEP) [2018-2021]

Kristin Gushuliak, BS (Hons), Cert LENP, Cert AE&T, DipBA
Board Representative and Chapter President for CES-Saskatchewan [2017-2019]

Matt Jacques, PhD, CE
Board Representative for CES-Yukon [2018-2020]

Nicole Michaud
Board Representative for CES-NCC [2019-2020]


Jennifer Daniels
CES Secretariat, Director of Financial Services at Megram Consulting Services Ltd (Renfrew, Ontario)
[email protected]

Vicky Van Massenhoven
CES Secretariat, Administrative Assistant, Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
[email protected]

Elijah Liedtke
CES Webmaster, Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
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