Winner, Service to the Society Award, 2002

Today we would like to express our thanks to a man who is very important to the day-to -day functioning of CES. Benoît has been a member of CES since 1984.

In the past year, Benoît has provided an incredible boost to our member services and has greatly enhanced CES visibility through his re-design of the CES web site and the addition of an automatic broadcast service. If you haven't visited lately, it's definitely worth a look.

To get the site set-up and running, Benoît spent 65-100 hours and ongoing maintenance will be roughly 10-15 hours per week. A huge volunteer contribution that in today's market would cost CES "an arm and a leg."

Benoît also has:

  • developed and manages a web-based forum for managing National Council communications
  • on behalf of CES, manages a web-based forum for the international working group planning the inaugural assembly of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE)
  • on behalf of CES, developed and manages the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) web site (

In addition to Benoît's most recent burst to CES via the web site, he:

  • Was on the Conference Organizing Committee in Montreal 2000 in charge of the web site
  • Re-designed and manages Case Competition web site (
  • Served as Judge for Case Competition for 4 years (1997-2000)
  • Was an in-kind sponsor of Case Competition for 2 years (2001-2002)

Benoît has many ideas and follows them through to conclusion. He has provided tremendous service of national benefit to CES and is more than deserving of this kind of national recognition. He is well known in Québec for many years as an experienced and skillful evaluator.

Benoît is an enormously versed and experienced professional in evaluation. He has done many things for the evaluation community-working tirelessly in silence the past fifteen years to increase the value of evaluation for decision making, and to give it a practical meaning for administrators and politicians. He has developed the techniques of surveying and the analysis of survey data to an extent that very few people in the world have attained.

Those that know him well know that Benoît is too humble to show his performance in the public. He simply "does" things. He acts. The real meaning for him is to accomplish things. He will always be unsatisfied just at talking about doing things; when he talks about doing something, you may consider that he will address all the difficulties to make sure that things will become reality.

I personally appreciate Benoît for his dedication and his passion.

I would like to close with the following quote from Arnold Love: "Benoit is very intelligent, assesses the needs immediately, produces the product at blinding speed, and makes changes without a murmur. Even more than his concrete contributions, which have been extensive, I greatly respect Benoit's spirit of voluntarism and commitment to CES. Benoit's spirit infuses his contributions and makes working with him not only a pleasure, but an inspiration as well."

Jean-René Bibeau
May 2002

Nancy Porteous (accepting for Benoit Gauthier)

I am deeply honored to accept this award. The Canadian Evaluation Society has been an important component of my professional life for the last fifteen years. Je suis heureux d'y avoir contribué à ma façon. I would like to mention one contribution which makes me particularly proud, that is to have introduced some of my staff and colleagues to program evaluation and to see them contribute on their own. Je pense en particulier à Shelley Borys et Nancy Porteous, toutes deux détentrices de prix de la Société. Merci encore. Vous pouvez compter que je m'occupe du site Web de la Société encore quelque temps.