Book Review: Designing Quality Survey Questions.

In this textbook, Robinson and Leonard take the reader on a deep dive into
current research and knowledge about best practice, as well as Likert’s foundational
work on scales, to correct common misconceptions about survey design.

Book Review: David M. Fetterman, Liliana Rodríguez-Campos, Ann P. Zukoski, et al. (2018). Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation: Stakeholder Involvement Approaches. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Stakeholder involvement approaches in evaluation constitute an evolving field. In 1991, Scriven’s Evaluation Thesaurus offered definitions for “stakeholders” and “evaluation” but none for “approaches,” “stakeholder involvement,” or “collaborative, participatory, or empowerment evaluation.” In this new book, Fetterman, Rodríguez-Campos, Zukoski, et al. identify that 20% of American Evaluation Association (AEA) members belonged to the AEA’s Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Topical Interest Group (CPE-TIG), from which this book emerged (pp. vii, 9).