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Louis Trudel


La mesure des résultats dans le domaine de la réadaptation


There are many obstacles to introducing outcome measures into the physical impairment rehabilitation sector. The developmental research report in this article discusses and proposes solutions for three of the problems identified. The first concerns a lack of consensus on the definitions of some of the concepts used as criteria for treatment success. The second pertains to the choice of performance indications for the chosen success criteria, and the third is methodological. Two theoretical models, measurement instruments, and methodological considerations are proposed as solutions.


Mieux comprendre l'impact par l'analyse de l'implantation : Le cas d'un programme de prévention chez des travailleurs avec ordinateur


This article presents three methods used to evaluate an ergc preventive training program for VDT workers: an epidemiological method to measure effects and two qualitative methods of work analysis based on ergc and psychodynamic approaches. Combining different sources of data aimed at an understanding of the impact of the program in a given context and led to a better understanding of the use of training to introduce preventive practices in the workplace and discussion of quantitative measurements and findings. Finally, the complementary data allowed a more documented assessment of the program and indicated possible improvements.