Roots and Relations: Celebrating Good Medicine in Indigenous Evaluation

Wuliit Wchapikal (wool-leet which-ah-pee-kul): Good Medicine! That is what the new “Roots and Relations” (R&R) permanent section in CJPE intends to be. The purpose of the R&R journey is to honour our lineage, grow our kinship, and sustain our intergenerational legacies of Indigenous wisdom and practices in evaluation. R&R will sacredly hold and protect traditional knowledge, respect and assert sovereignty, provide a nurturing space for Indigenous voices, and celebrate Indigenous innovations in evaluation.


EvalIndigenous Origin Story: Effective Practices within Local Contexts to Inform the Field and Practice of Evaluation

Proactive Information Services Inc.
Nicole Bowman
University of Wisconsin
Abstract: EvalIndigenous began in November 2015 as a global network of Eval-Partners. This origin story of EvalIndigenous is shared to describe some of the work being carried out today by Indigenous evaluators in the Global North and South. EvalIndigenous is rooted in tribal critical and Indigenous theories and methods, as well as the legal and political distinctions of Indigenous peoples and Tribal/First Nations.