Evaluation in the Provinces and Territories: A Cross- Canada Snapshot and Call to Action

Evidence-based decision-making and managing for results are terms oft en heard from politicians and senior government offi cials at both federal and provincial levels of government in Canada. But, while there is some level of under- standing at the federal level in terms of the role and use of evaluation in measuring results, there is significantly less information readily available about the extent to which evaluation is being used at other levels of government.

The State of Evaluation Policy in the Ontario?

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Launching the Credentialed Evaluator (CE) Designation

How do you make a professional designation program happen within one year? What resources, processes, systems, and structures are required? This article describes how the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) implemented its national Credentialed Evaluator (CE) program through the dedication of volunteer members of the CES. The interdisciplinary nature of evaluation practice shaped the development of systems, policy, administrative procedures, governance, and management for the credentialing process.


Evaluator Competencies: The Canadian Experience

This article examines the development and adoption of competencies1 in Canada, created as a key foundation of the Credentialed Evaluator designation under the auspices of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). Following a brief description of the Canadian evaluation context and issues that led to the competencies' development, this article reviews the development process. The approved Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice are presented with concluding comments on the future of competencies in Canada.


Preparing school evaluators: Hiroshima pilot test of the Japan Evaluation Society’s accreditation project

This article reports on the efforts of the Japan Evaluation Society (JES), in collaboration with the Canadian Evaluation Society, to develop and pilot test an accreditation and certification scheme for school evaluators. The purpose of the JES accreditation model is to support evaluation capacity building and promote high quality evaluation by developing functional evaluation competencies.