BRIDGING EVALUATIONAND LEARNING: Lessons from a feminist reflective process on gender and rural development in Colombia

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Strategic Evaluation Utilization in the Canadian Federal Government

Given the potential of the federal program evaluation function to inform decision-making at the highest levels of government, this project sought to investigate the nature and extent to which program evaluation findings are used as part of spending reviews and other reallocation exercises in selected government organizations. The multiple case study design used in this investigation included a qualitative content analysis of evaluation reports published between 2010 and 2013, as well as a series of key informant interviews conducted with evaluation staff and program managers.


Measuring Organizational Evaluation Capacity in the Canadian Federal Government

The development of organizational evaluation capacity has emerged in recent years as one mechanism through which evaluators can extend their influence and foster evaluation utilization. However, organizational evaluation capacity is not always easy to define, and internal evaluators sometimes struggle with the identification of concrete activities that might increase their organization's evaluation capacity. This article describes an organizational self-assessment instrument developed for Canadian federal government organizations.