Anne Vo


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres


Anne Vo and Christina A. Christie (Eds.). (2015).

Evaluation Use and Decision Making in Society: A Tribute
to Marvin C. Alkin. Charlotte, NC: Information Age
Publishing. Paperback, 190 pages.
(ISBN: 978-1-68123-004-7)
Reviewed by Margaret Schultz Patel , University of Denver/ Schultz Patel Evaluation
Compared to other branches of research, the field of evaluation is uniquely concerned with producing actionable information. Without this charge, it is not clear what would distinguish evaluation from other types of applied research. Despite this seemingly simple focus, seasoned evaluators know all too well that there are oft en many barriers to shepherding evaluations toward achieving this fi nal purpose. The volume under review contains the musings of seasoned evaluators and evaluation theorists grappling with these barriers from many diff erent perspectives.