November 2005

In November 2002, following a great deal of research and effort by Karyn Hicks, CES Council created the Canadian Evaluation Society Fellowship. Work on the initial terms of reference continued and this past summer, CES Council adopted its policy document on the Fellowship.

The Fellowship recognises lifetime achievements, service and prominence. The criteria for nomination are stringent and onerous, requiring a minimum of 15 years of conspicuous, continued involvement in at least three categories from a total of eight of evaluation activity.

Our newest fellow has an international reputation as a scholar and as a promoter of international cooperation in evaluation. His books are read in universities and workplaces in Canada and abroad. His service to the Canadian Evaluation Society is, without question, truly outstanding. He continues to be a mentor to many of us. His candidacy was unanimously endorsed by current Fellows. In my judgement he meets all eight of the categories included in the requirements for nomination. I am delighted to announce that National Council has admitted Dr. Arnold Love to the Fellowship of the Canadian Evaluation Society and I welcome him on behalf of my colleagues in the Fellowship.