Winner, Award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada, 2001

This year the Canadian Evaluation Society is extremely privileged to honour Dr. Alan Ryan of the University of Saskatchewan with its Contribution to Evaluation Award.

Dr. Ryan is an evaluator with a significant work history, who has made significant contributions to the field of evaluation through his extensive research activity for many years. These efforts have resulted in an extensive list of publications, extending into both evaluation theory and practice. The focus of his research has primarily been in the field of education, where he is well known provincially and nationally.

Dr. Ryan's university work record includes the three pillars of teaching, research and community service. He has an extensive publication list including book chapters, peer and non-peer reviewed journal articles, technical reports and conference presentations addressing wide ranging evaluation issues such as processes, meta evaluation, curriculum, accountability, steps in program evaluations and evaluation with multiple paradigms. Over the years he has demonstrated a wide range and depth of evaluation interests.

His teaching and research efforts have specialised in the area of education evaluation, including professional development, personal learning for evaluators, culturally based initiatives, evaluation processes, and the development of evaluation models. His evaluation work and practice has seen him focussing attention on utilisation, with a blending of qualitative and quantitative methods, emphasising the inclusion of stakeholders and the meaningfulness of findings. To his work he has always brought high standards and personal integrity, that has been reflected in his high ethical standards that are embedded in both his work and professional associations.

While conducting a variety of evaluation projects, Dr. Ryan has also been teaching at the university undergraduate and graduate level, as well as advising and mentoring graduate students. He continues to willingly and enthusiastically share his intellectual, theoretical and practical expertise with these students, shaping and guiding a wide range of academic theses, projects and student practicum placements.

During his professional career, Dr. Ryan has acted as a strong advocate for the use of evaluation as a tool for improving practices in the educational system.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Dr. Ryan's extensive work as a reviewer and guest editor of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation over a 10-year period, providing valuable support to our editor, Bob Segsworth. Recently he was the editor of a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation in 2000 on Educational Evaluation.

Over the years Dr. Ryan has remained an active member of the Saskatchewan Chapter of CES. He has been a Saskatchewan Chapter member, is on the Saskatoon Planning Committee for the 2004 CES conference, and acts as a facilitator for CES sponsored events. The Saskatchewan Chapter put Dr. Ryan's name forward for this award.

I ask you to join me in congratulating Dr. Ryan as a most worthy recipient of the CES Contribution to Evaluation award this year.

Barry Warrack