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Our Structure

Board of Directors 2016-2017






Harry CUMMINGS President Executive (and Conference, Secretariat, and Fellowship)  
Gail BARRINGTON, CE Vice-President Executive (and Professional Designations)  
Simon ROY, CE Treasurer Executive (and Finance Committee)  
Robert CHATWIN, CE Secretary Executive (and Governance and Process) Nova Scotia
Benoît GAUTHIER, CE Past President Executive (and Partnerships)  
Johann JACOB Chair Communication and Marketing Quebec
Sidiq ALI, CE Member Communication and Marketing Ontario
Denise BELANGER, CE Member Communication and Marketing Manitoba
Réanne KINSELLA, CE Member Communication and Marketing Newfoundland and Labrador
Wayne MACDONALD Member Communication and Marketing New Brunswick
Kate WOODMAN, CE Chair Professional Learning Alberta
Maureen MATTHEW, CE Member Professional Learning Saskatchewan
Doaa SADDEK Member Professional Learning National Capital
Brenda WEDGE Chair Governance and Process Prince Edward Island
Sandra SELLICK, CE Member Governance and Process British Columbia and Yukon
Rebecca MELLETT Executive Director